"I started late in learning music (60 yrs old) I tried working with multiple instructors and found my learning experience very frustrating....until I met Katelain. Her expertise in the clarinet is outstanding, Her insightfulness and patience in what I need to adjust or correct or improve is amazing. Up till now I have never considered performing outside of my lessons, but the enjoyment and support I get from Katelain wants me to be on the stage "blowing my lungs out" :) 
I can't wait for that to happen!
Thanks Katelain!"

-Rick A.

"Katelain Tavares is a wonderful clarinet teacher. I am an adult student and found her able to relate to my needs and teach me so many things that I had been lacking. She has the the knowledge, ability, and understanding to be an instructor that would be the ideal of any student."

-Ron C.

"My daughter began lessons on bass clarinet with Katelain when she entered high school. She helped her make the switch from clarinet to bass clarinet. She learned alternate fingerings which helped her play the more challenging pieces more easily. Katelain has a calm demeanor and is very pleasant. Katelain was also "therapy" during that frustrating freshman year when the music seemed so hard to play. The lessons and/or Katelain made my daughter a more confident player. If our younger daughter switches to clarinet or bass clarinet, we will definitely seek lessons from Katelain."

-Marianne L.

"Katelain is a great Clarinet teacher, my 14 yr old son loves her teaching style. She's patient and is really helping him improve technically and artistically!"

-Joanne M.

"Katelain has been teaching our daughter clarinet. Her skill, patience and good cheer set her apart. We would recommend her without reservation."

-Richard N.

"Katelain Tavares has been working with our daughter for 4 years now. She has gently guided her through beginning playing nerves to the challenge of auditioning for Southeastern Mass District Bands. http://www.semmea.org.
Katelain understands the struggles and challenges of all her students. She works at the student's pace and works with them. She is charming, very kind and patient. We are very happy and pleased to have her as our daughter's teacher."

-Eileen & Bill H.