I might not be so good at blogging, if my posts are about 2 years apart. Eh, pick up with now.  Things have been busy. I started an awesome job as a clinician with D’Addario woodwinds in fall of 2016, and I’ve been giving clinics on reeds and mouthpieces in schools and music stores locally.  It’s been great! I love talking with kids about clarinet and saxophone things, and being a geek about reeds and mouthpieces. I’ve started teaching beginner saxophone lessons, and that’s been going well too.  I’m teaching from home, and also at Rick’s Musical Instruments in Cumberland, RI. I’m doing some teaching for Paul Effman Music in a few schools around here. Teaching everything - winds, percussion, and brass (I know - how the heck did that happen?). I considered simply deleting this blog since it’s been so long, but maybe I’ll give it another go.  Let’s start with one blog post per week, and see how we do, shall we?


Recital Recap

I realized that I haven't written a blog post in over a month.  Ugh.  Planning and preparing for the recital and playing a show the week before definitely made things crazy.  But the recital was a success, and I think everyone who played was happy, and everyone who came enjoyed it very much.  I still have some video/audio editing to do, but I'm pretty happy.  So now onto the next projects: learning the Reed 1 book for Drowsy Chaperone (which is really doing wonders for my flute/sax chops - hooray!) and preparing to make an audition recording for an orchestra sub list. Maybe that will be the topic of my next blog post.  That's not a bad idea... :)



Announcing Our Studio Recital!

I love planning recitals.  I love picking the music, setting the date, and putting together a reception (cupcakes, people!).  So I love spring, because it’s studio recital season!

This is the second year RI Clarinet School will host a studio recital in the auditorium of the Providence Public Library.  Last year I had three students play solos with piano, and I played a solo as well.  This year, we’re expanding a bit.  Four students will be playing solos as well as duets with me, and we’ll be ending the program with a few clarinet trios.  I’m looking forward to it very much, and I hope my students are too.  Here are the details, if you’d like to attend.  

Date: April 10

Time: 1pm

Place: Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street, Providence, RI (use that entrance, and you’ll take the elevators to the auditorium on the third floor)

Admission: FREE!  There’s plenty of seats, so bring everyone and anyone you want. The auditorium seats 300, we need no where near that, but we use the room because it has a tuned piano.


Here's the highlight reel from last year's recital.  We (meaning mostly Jay) will be recording again this year.


Office Transformation

We have an office in our apartment.  We call it an office, but really it’s more of a room where everything that doesn’t have a place somewhere else goes that also happens to have a desk in it.  When we first moved into our current house/apartment, one of the two bedrooms became our office.  Along with the desk, it also had my old futon, so we could occasionally have houseguests, and our wardrobe, because it didn’t fit in the bedroom. Rooms are small when you live on the third floor of a victorian house.


Anyway, the office space became a wasted space, and in a small apartment, you really can’t have wasted space.  We decided the office should be a room where we could work, and I could practice and teach.  So we sold the futon (we’ve got a nice air mattress for the very occasional houseguest), sold the wardrobe (got a dresser that fits in our bedroom), and now the office is gradually turning into a useable practice space.  It’s not done yet, but I’ve got a digital piano in there and a good corner of it dedicated to music.

 I usually have to bring Jack's bed in and put it next to me.  Otherwise, he wants to sit on my lap while I play.

I usually have to bring Jack's bed in and put it next to me.  Otherwise, he wants to sit on my lap while I play.

It's still got a lot of things that don't have a home anywhere else (knitting supplies, soldering iron, gift wrapping), but it's a start.  I would like to get a rug for the floor to help muffle the sound a bit.  Still, it's awesome to have the space become useable!